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Welcome! Lifeline Data Centers is the Midwest’s largest data center. We’ve built this data center with every client convenience, ensuring redundancy, maximum up-time, security… and even adjacent office space you can run your business from.

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- Multiple redundant 100 ton chilled water plants
- Redundant, chiller loops
- Fully redundant, concurrently maintainable air conditioning
- Hot aisle, cold aisle data center layout
- Unlimited expandability, 10 tons at a time

Managed Services

- Remote hands
- Tape handling, power on/off
- Server maintenance


- Dual utility feeds from two separate substations
- Hardened generator buildings
- Multiple redundant 500 kW diesel generators with 60 hours of fuel reserves
- Multiple redundant UPS with battery backup
- Automatic Transfer Switches for sensing utility feed failure and switching to generator
- Each customer gets power (N+N) from redundant utility feeds, generator feeds and UPS

Sturdy Building

- Hardened data centers - reinforced concrete, F5 tornado resistant
- Separate hardened generator buildings

Fire Suppression

- Zoned system
- Fully automated double interlocking dry pipe

Simple Pricing Model

- Floor space
- Rack count
- Utilization-based power billing

Private Cages

- Flexibility of branch office or growth
- Room to stage and add cabinets
- Circuit panels within cage where requested


- Personnel and client background checks
- Three factor authentication (access card, PIN, combination on cage)
- Video surveillance and recording
- Anti-tailgate/anti-passback technology (two people can't come in on one card)
- 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC)
- Private and secure client cages


- Dual telecom entrances
- Multiple carriers for client choice
- No monthly cross connect fees

Office Space

- Secure office space with personnel and client background checks
- Permanent business continuity/disaster recovery office space
- No oversubscription - space is yours if you need it, no chance of sharing
- IT outpost office space
- Primary office space