Data Center Infographic: How to Build a Data Center

The success of a data success depends on the quality of the people who are running it and how the data center is built. Lifeline Data Centers does it with compliance, experience and innovation. Lifeline pays attention to reliability, ongoing costs, efficiencies, and new trends so customers can focus on their critical business systems.

This data center infographic focuses on the different aspects of a data center: power, cooling, telecommunications, and more. Lifeline provides clients with the best possible uptime and the fairest pricing, with audit-ready compliance built in to every customer’s cage.

Do you know what measures are being taken to protect your data? This infographic covers what components need to be in place to protect your data, whether you house it in-house or have an outsourced data center solution. Here’s Lifeline’s version of how to build a data center!

data center infographic