New Data Center Certifications for Lifeline Data Centers

At Lifeline, we place a lot of importance on being compliant and certified in our field. When clients come to us and ask us about our experience and expertise, our list of data center certifications speaks for itself.

Recently, we've added 4 more certifications, which have been bolded below:

  • New Data Center Certifications for Lifeline Data CentersTwo Certified Information Systems Auditors (ISACA)
  • One Certified FISMA Compliance Practitioner
  • One Certified Risk Manager (ISACA)
  • One Certified Data Center Expert (EPI/BICSI/Singapore BEP)
  • Two Certified Data Center Professionals (EPI/BICSI/Singapore PEB)
  • Two Certified Data Center Design Professionals (BICSI)
  • One Certified TIA-942 Design Consultant (TIA-942)
  • One Certified TIA-942 Internal Auditor (TIA-942) 
  • Two Naval Air Command – Trained RCM (Reliability-Centered Maintenance) Analysts (Naval Air Command)
  • Six Network+ Certifications (COMPTIA)
  • Two Licensed Master Electricians (City of Indianapolis/Marion County)
  • One HVAC Class A Certification (City of Indianapolis/Marion County)
  • One Authorized OSHA Trainer for General Industry
  • One Authorized OSHA Trainer for Construction
  • One Six Sigma Black Belt Certification
  • One Mild Steel Welding Certification
  • One Aluminum/Stainless Steel Welding Certification

And many more will come as our business continues to grow over the years.

With the expansion to Fort Wayne, we also see more opportunities to provide our employee with opportunities to get certified in these areas so that we can have an even bigger knowledge base at our disposal. It's not just about "looking good" for us; the more we know about how to effectively and efficiently manager your data center, the more we can pass on those savings to you. One of our biggest competitive advantages is our pricing, and we are continually looking for ways to be more efficient so we can keep that advantage as a selling point.

If you're interested in learning more about Lifeline, schedule a tour with us today.

Rich Banta

Rich Banta

Managing Member at Lifeline Data Centers
Rich is responsible for Compliance and Certifications, Data Center Operations, Information Technology, and Client Concierge Services. Rich has an extensive background in server and network management, large scale wide-area networks, storage, business continuity, and monitoring. Rich is a former CTO of a major health care system. Rich is hands-on every day in the data centers. He also holds many certifications, including: CISA – Certified Information Systems Auditor CRISC – Certified in Risk & Information Systems Management CDCE – Certified Data Center Expert CDCDP – Certified Data Center Design Professional
Rich Banta