Not all data centers are made the same.

Since 2001, Lifeline Data Centers has helped companies improve uptime and control data center facilities operating expense. Lifeline is an innovator in wholesale colocation, continually finding ways to reduce downtime risks while driving down costs.

Lifeline provides secure hardened data center buildings, highly reliable power and cooling, and access to many telecommunications providers. Lifeline provides a redundant array of UPS's™, redundant array of Generators™, redundant array of Chiller Plants™, and the most direct power path™.

Some clients choose to use Lifeline purely as a landlord, fully managing their own information technology infrastructure. Other clients use Lifeline’s colocation facilities and office space along with managed services to augment their IT staff. Lifeline Data Centers serves over hundreds of companies in health care, software, utilities, pharma, cloud computing, and government.

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Federal, state, local governments, your vendors and clients require regulatory compliance as a condition for doing business. Can your organization keep up? With decades of experience, Lifeline Data Centers delivers multi-layered compliance solutions to help you pass the toughest audits.

Let the compliance experts at Lifeline Data Centers help you solve your SSAE 16, TIA-942, NFPA, HIPAA, FISMA, FDA, PCI/DSS and Sarbanes-Oxley audit problems. Lifeline delivers multi-level compliance solutions in audit-ready data centers with in-house expertise.

We are dedicated to staying on top of compliance to make sure you don’t have to worry about it. 

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